Instructional Design

• Storyboard projects
• Develop training materials for adult learners
• Projects implemented ADDIE methodology
• Develop dynamic instructional training materials using interactions and simulations to create interactive, engaging course content
• Develop interactive media presentations that enhance the online educational experience
• Participate in project review and assessment meetings
• Evaluate, recommend and implement third-party learning solutions
• Application software and hardware support
• Strong understanding of internet concepts and Web technology
• Clearly communicate in oral and written form, and work effectively with diverse groups to accomplish learning objectives

Some combination of the following were used in the development of these projects:

Flash/AIR/ActionScript 3
Articulate Storyline (some exposure)
GreenSock Animation Platform
MS Office 365
Inno desktop installer
SumTotal LMS
OutStart Studio LMS

American Institute for Economic Research 

During my time with, I was responsible for developing the interactive Employment and College Destinations Index. I built these projects initially both in Captivate and Flash. As the project scope was modified I developed a Likert Scale with Captivate. The EDI and CDI give recent college graduates interactive tools to help them best determine their ideal metropolitan statistical area.


I worked with Veritech’s project manager and a graphic designer to build an interactive DVD ‘Business Kit’. The end client was MassMutual. During the past several years there have been five updates to the original project adding new visual and audio content.

· Visio flowchart
· Design UX/UI for ‘Business Markets’ DVD project
· Create ‘Business Kit’ panel based on Excel documentation
· Develop modular shell that loads, via XML, multiple SWFs
· Incorporate PDFs, PPTs, calculators, and videos
· Integrate graphic designer’s images and assets
· Create desktop installer

Click for: Interactive Business Kit

Northeast Utilities

Northeast Utilities’ “Where Is The Risk” project provided their linemen with an interactive tool that allowed them to visualize, assess, and mitigate the risk inherent in their profession.  My role as the developer on a team of instructional technologists, content management administrators, and videographers was to help design and build this XML driven multi video player, intregrate SCORM 1.2 and test in the sumTotal LCMS.  We storyboarded the project pulling together the UX. I developed several variants of the UI.  I wrapped the code in SCORM 1.2. I was told recently they continue to train their people using the tool.

· Storyboard project
· Design UX/UI
· Develop custom XML-driven multi-video player
· GreenSock Animation Platform
· ActionScript 3
· Integrate SCORM 1.2
· Gamification
· SumTotal LMS


I worked with Vangent/Pearson in Pawcatuck, Connecticut building training courses for the USAF and the Royal Saudi Air Force. The training modules were developed in ActionScript 3 and SCORM 1.2. The SCOs were then uploaded to Outstart Studio, an LMS database. This project implemented Agile methodology.

Digital Design