Thank you for your interest in
Albira, our revolutionary
preclinical PET/SPECT/CT
imaging system.

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Watch a Rotation Movie
Introducing the Albira System – A Revolutionary
Product Manager Seth Gammon gives an overview of Albira's
features and capabilities at
Use of 18F-NaF for imaging bone remodeling in a mouse
using PET/CT imaging modalities in the Albira
Use of 99mTc-MDP for imaging bone remodeling in a rat using
SPECT/CT imaging modalities in the Albira
Why Choose Carestream
  • Innovative imaging solutions. Albira's revolutionary PET
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  • Training for users at all levels. Train your staff in basic
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  • One source for seven modalities. Your research benefits
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  • Thousands of satisfied customers worldwide. Major
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  • Digital molecular imaging is in our DNA. It's not just an
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